Bootcamp Training


Working one-on-one with industry experts, you’ll learn and practice everything you need to know to become a confident, compliant cosmetic injector.


Tailored to your needs, this foundational program will help you hit the ground running – armed with essential knowledge and experience as an injector.

Fresh Clinics have a strong partnership with Complete Face, enabling us to bring outstanding, top-of-the-mark training to Fresh Clinics Bootcamp Training.

Take a read here to see why it’s going to increase your learning and practice knowledge.

Interested in training with us? Take a read below 👇 to find out what you’ll learn and what you’ll get

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2 Full Days | NSW, SA, VIC, WA + QLD

Dive into our exclusive, immersive training experience

You will learn:

  • Mechanisms of medication and how these are used in practice.
  • Dosage and injectable techniques
  • How to script with a consulting doctor
  • Adverse event management
  • Aftercare and documentation

 Your in-person training will include:

  •  Anti-wrinkle treatment (Frown, forehead and crow’s feet)
  • Lip filler
  • Cheek filler

Online Training access to the ‘Essentials’ Modules, Complete Face 

Complete Face is an educational platform focused on patient outcomes and safety.  The World’s First Digital Encyclopedia on Facial Injectables.

  • Complete Face contains videos and fresh cadaver anatomy, delivering the highest quality medical education on facial injectables. 
  • Each indication follows a structured format – anatomy, clinical assessment, treatment objectives and marking, injection technique, product choice and before and after photos.
  • The Essentials Module contains 3 sub modules: Upper, Middle and Lower Face. 
  • Take a read here to see why it’s going to increase your learning and practice knowledge.
  • Upper Facial – 
  1. Anatomy Overview
  2. Dynamic Forehead Lines
  3. Dynamic Frown Lines
  4. Resting Frown Lines
  5. Dynamic Crowsfeet Lines
  • Middle Facial – 
  1. Anatomy Overview
  2. Midface Volumization
  3. Depressor Nasii Septi
  4. Submalar Hollow
  • Lower Face – 
  1. Anatomy Overview
  2. Lip Augmentation
  3. Lip Enhancement

And much more info to learn along your injectable journey through Complete Face 

The fine print:

  • To book a Bootcamp, you must be registered with AHPRA as an RN or EN.
  • You will be required to do a basic sign-up with Fresh Clinics as a nurse, whether you’re currently working in a clinic or not. If you are an Enrolled Nurse, please get in touch with our team before purchasing your session.
  • For each treatment, each model has a fee of $150  per treatment | ML.(including GST).
  • All products are provided during your session. You only need to bring yourself and enclosed footwear.
  • An intimate 1:1 experience, your training will be completed as 2 full days.
  • Please book 4 + weeks in advance so that we can organise your ideal trainer.
  • 1-year minimum clinical experience as a nurse is required for this entry-level course
  • This foundation course comes with endorsed pre-learning for Anti-Wrinkle, Dermal Filler and Emergency Management. All three courses must be completed before your practical day.
  • Theory content is endorsed by The College of Rural and Remote Medicine.
  • Needs to be done within 2 months of signing up for script and supply, extended period an assessment will be required.


Had an emergency or life event? We understand. 

If you need to change the date of your booking, we’re happy to help. Just let us know with a minimum of 21 days’ notice, and we’ll help you find a new time for your session.

However, once you’ve booked in, your session is non-refundable and non-transferable – and Fresh Clinics is not responsible for any costs incurred because of pandemic restrictions (e.g., travel amendments).


To find out more, get in touch with our Fresh Clinics team at or call 130 375 646.

Financing options available!

Fresh Clinics have partnered with Total Lifestyle Credit to provide you financing options.
To find out more about financing available for training please email Tim Boon from TLC on



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